Monday, November 21, 2011

Stone Arabia: A (or The) Great Rock and Roll Novel

Dave Bry strikes again. Enjoy his reflection on Dana Spiotta's Stone Arabia.

Stone Arabia is "a" -- if not "the" since we agree that's impossible -- great rock and roll novel that sucked my summer into the feverish meditations of Denise, the narrator, and Nick the rock and roll obessive who vanishes into the ultimate garage band fantasy. It's a story of saturation of memory, music, and siblings as a brother and sister play through both the pain of their life choices and the intractability of their shared fate as family.

Well chosen, in Dave's post in The Awl, to place the Kinks -- perhaps rock and roll's ultimate sibling rivalry -- singing "Rock and Roll Fantasy" in a hotel room in the middle of someone else's day in a frame amidst the text of the review.
I will take the liberty of adding a spiffy looking early 80's incarnation of the Kinks singing "Destroyer" since this is the song which pushed me into rock and roll for good way back when.

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